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We combine cost-effective legal solutions with the determination to deliver to clients their best possible outcome. 


What we do

Qi Cogan Lawyers provides a wide range of legal and advisory services to modern families, business people and entrepreneurs.

Importantly, we are on our clients' side, and it is likely we have personally dealt with the similar challenges to those you face.

We operate in areas where we can be confident we bring first class skills to bear. If not, we prefer to recommend other advisers to you.

First-class legal skills are at the core of what we do.  

Who we are

Christopher Eddison-Cogan is a skilled lawyer and negotiator. He brings a diverse mix of business experience to his law practice, having worked as a software developer, project manager, director and shareholder of various IT companies and law firms. He holds Masters degrees in business and law.

His clients include established companies, startups, property developers, and entrepreneurs.

Christopher practises in Commercial Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution,  Intellectual Property and Licensing, and most aspects of business growth and wealth creation.

How we work

A preventative approach is ideal, but not always possible.

If a dispute or conflict has arisen, we are experienced family, commercial and employment lawyers, trained negotiators, accredited mediators and effective litigators.

Our fees are sensible and appropriate.


We adopt time billing, fixed fees, retainers and subscriptions. In some circumstances, clients pay over time or at the conclusion of their matter.


Commercial Law

Qi Cogan Lawyers provide a full range of legal and advisory services to businesses and entrepreneurs.


Christopher Eddison-Cogan, founder of Qi Cogan, has unique experience and valuable insights relating to Technology Law and Business Migrations. We can help in areas such as Company Formations, Commercial Contracts, Capital Raising, Intellectual Property and the like. If a dispute or conflict has arisen we are skilled negotiators, accredited mediators, and effective litigators.



Our team focus on specific areas of the law, although mindful of the effects of employment law, property law, commercial and family law issues on each other.


Our staff have all been clients themselves. We know that the first pre-requisite of a great lawyer is to be committed to the client’s interests.


Qi Cogan Lawyers practice only Australian Law, not English or European law.



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